Juni 02, 2014

One at a Time I #1 - #13 on Blocks

One at a Time  #1 - #13
Photos on wooden blocks 8 x 5 x 1 cm
a photo series handmade
by Ebba Jahn 2014
These photo-blocks had their first outing at an art fair market last weekend - 2 of them sold and then traveled to Luzern, Switzerland. I'll make more of those, and will number and sign them on the back side sticker, which can be seen on the top left of this image. However, the edition will remain small and the exact number will be decided upon when all 100 photos for the series have been determined - some sorted out some new ones in.
They can be ordered via Paypal here on the page to the right side or via email to: info@EbbaJahn.com