Mai 24, 2015

Oberhausen I Next Time


It means what it looks like - in park gardening language.
Flowers en masse I don't expect, the view of these will do: les fleurs reversed graffiti by Klaus Dauven. I observed, how he made them with a high pressure water cleaner, through a large wooden stencil, right infront of the entrance of the Trausaal / Wedding Hall:

Another surprise is this vehicle. No, it's  not the wedding carriage,
it is Trailer Balconia / Naherholung an installation by Eva Ketzer. 

Feel free to have a seat, as long as this trailer is parked here. Its flowers are all "carefree plastic", yet inside you find a beginners book about how to plant and grow your flowers.
Last but not least: These real flowers can be found infront of this pink building ensemble, close to a high traffic street in Oberhausen - I like the slight planting dis-order and its resulting color mix.

      Am Schloss Oberhausen, Mai 2015 (c) Ebba Jahn

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