Januar 17, 2016

Bremen I First Snow at Ulrike's

The view out of my guestroom at my DFFB Film colleague Ulrike Isenberg's house in Bremen.
She has planted these lovely weeds.

Ulrike and Ebba find themselves
in a video installation by Stefan Jeep
at the Staedtische Galerie Bremen

Ebba is sitting in the arm chair taking this picture -
I told you it's an installation...

No snow on the way back home - close to Berlin

So nice for my painting that it's living in Bremen - thanks Ulrike.
(c) Ebba Jahn, January 2016

Mai 24, 2015

Oberhausen I Next Time


It means what it looks like - in park gardening language.
Flowers en masse I don't expect, the view of these will do: les fleurs reversed graffiti by Klaus Dauven. I observed, how he made them with a high pressure water cleaner, through a large wooden stencil, right infront of the entrance of the Trausaal / Wedding Hall:

Another surprise is this vehicle. No, it's  not the wedding carriage,
it is Trailer Balconia / Naherholung an installation by Eva Ketzer. 

Feel free to have a seat, as long as this trailer is parked here. Its flowers are all "carefree plastic", yet inside you find a beginners book about how to plant and grow your flowers.
Last but not least: These real flowers can be found infront of this pink building ensemble, close to a high traffic street in Oberhausen - I like the slight planting dis-order and its resulting color mix.

      Am Schloss Oberhausen, Mai 2015 (c) Ebba Jahn

Mai 16, 2015

Oberhausen I Hähne, die kräh'n...

"Diese​s​ Rad gehört zum Haus", sagte sie; es stand schon dort bevor sie einzogen. 

Bei'm Nachbarn, der seinen Baum nicht gefällt hat, sondern noch bereit ist zu fegen - was er auch bald tut.

Displaying IMG_20150502_112136.JPG     

Streetgrass Art?
Paar Tage später steht ein neues Verkehrsschild an dieser Markierung - eines Fotos unwürdig.

"Frauen die pfeifen und Hähnen die kräh'n, soll't man beizeiten den Hals umdreh'n", fällt einem zwangsläufig ein, während man mit diesem Motiv im Raum übernachtet :-)

Am Grafenbusch / Gasometer Oberhausen

(c) Ebba Jahn, Mai 2015

April 03, 2015

November 22, 2014

Abgerissen I Wall Mural Art

Hätte ich sie nicht mit eigenen Augen gesehen, die bemalte Restwand, würde ich mein Foto für unecht halten. Fotografiert habe ich die Hauswand im Juni 2013, Ende April 2014 war sie plötzlich weg - was schade aber in Berlin-Mitte zu erwarten war.

9.8.14 Zwei junge Touristen erzählten mir an meinem Kunststand, daß die Wand von JR in aufgeklebter Fototechnik gemacht wurde.

Hadn't I seen this with my own eyes I would think the photo was manipulated. I took it in June 2013, in April 2014 the building wall was suddenly torn down - which was to be expected in Berlin-Mitte... 

9.8.14 Two young tourists told me, that this wall was made by JR by applying large photo paper prints.

Ebba Jahn 10 / 2014

Oktober 12, 2014

Have a Seat I Sitzgelegenheiten in Berlin Kreuzberg

Summer Hat Sale
Berlin Kreuzberg
Ebba Jahn 2014
Have a Seat
infront of Berlinische Galerie Kreuzberg
Ebba Jahn, 2014

Have a Seat
in Prinzessinnengarten
Berlin Kreuzberg
Ebba Jahn, 2014

Have a Seat
opposite of the Jewish Museum
Berlin Kreuzberg
Ebba Jahn, 2014

Oktober 11, 2014

Die Röte des Rots zum Ende der Saison I End of Season in Red

Ebba Jahn 2014
Berlin Kreuzberg
Ebba Jahn 2014
Berlin Kreuzberg
Have a seat
Ebba Jahn 2014
My Turkish Neighbor's
in our own backyard
Ebba Jahn 2014

August 17, 2014

Pflanzen Monochrom I Plants in Monochrome

A group of plants selected for their rich monochrome colors enhanced by their different structures - seen in 
Berlin-Marzahn (1+2)
Graal-Müritz (3)
In the Baltic Sea (4)

(c) Ebba Jahn 2014

Juli 02, 2014

Stämme I Trunks around Lago Maggiore

This set of photos was made June 2014 in the Italian part of Switzerland, Ticino / Tessin.  My stay was "sponsored" by my DFFB film student collegue Iren Biro Bucher who invited me to stay in Ascona at the Lago Maggiore. She also gave me a  Nikon Coolpix P5000 as a gift! I love it, because it is very light to carry around and also younger than my Olympus Camedia E-10. Mille grazie for everything to Iren Biro Bucher.

The sculpture stands tall in the inner open yard of a small apartment building and can be purchased through a gallery.
Who needs to create a headless woman nowadays, I was wondering, but I also titled this photo "Identify" and used it as my fb portait photo for a while:-)

Palmenstamm / Palm Trunk
Ebba Jahn 2014
Schweiz-Asiatischer Bambus / Swiss-Asian Bamboo
Ebba Jahn 2014

Stämme aufgelöst von Wasser und Zeit /
Trunks dissolved by water and time.
Baumstamm in Pastell / Trunk in Pastel
Ebba Jahn 2014

Juli 01, 2014

The Stool, the Street and the Stairs

Plant Stool

Isle Exit

Beautiful details - interesting colors, surfaces and a geometric touch to these objects speak to me.

28.7. First Stool and Crossing prints mounted on mdf will go to Bremen.