Juni 05, 2014

This ARTsurprise Prototype at Zeche Zollverein / Extraschicht 28. June, 18h-2 h

Ebba Jahn 2014
ARTsurprise made a call for series - prototypes to
exhibit them at Zeche Zollverein in Essen during the event Extraschicht at the ARTsurprise event 28. Juni -  so this one will be shown there.
It depicts my oil painting and the rest of the still life I had just painted, one of the very few photos I made of my studio work so far.
It's my "prototype" because with it I tested, how detailed photos come across for the series on mdf blocks 8 x 5 x 1 cm. I also had to test the paper and glue, and find a sharp way of cropping it down to size.
I learned to live well with the small size of my photos, the eye and mind are zooming in, I noticed.  

19.7. This photo on mdf block was picked by a visiting collegue from Cologne at my art market booth.